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Amazon’s ready to announce a bunch of devices on Sept. 28

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Amazon just sent members of the press invites to attend a virtual event where the company will announce new hardware, features, and services. The invite-only stream will take place on Sept. 28, the same day as last year. 

The invite alluded to various categories of announcement types, though no specific products were mentioned. However, with Amazon having already announced the refreshed Kindle e-reader earlier this month, we can reasonably assume that a new base model Kindle is out of the question. A new Kindle Oasis with USB-C, however, is long overdue. 

Based on similar events in years past, we can expect Amazon to announce more Echo devices, improvements to Alexa, perhaps including new home security services, maybe some new Ring devices — did that autonomous Ring drone ever take off? — and maybe a full launch of the dog-ike robot Astro.

A few years ago, I think Amazon used a similar event to announce a microwave equipped with Alexa, and maybe even a clock that interacted with timers you set via Alexa. 

Really, there’s no telling what Amazon will and won’t announce during the event. What are you hoping to see announced? 

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