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Making the most of the newest craze for discotheque dancing and the popularity of spy films through the mid-1960s, the producers of Double Trouble mixed the two fads to type the essential plot of this mediocre Elvis Presley musical. Elvis walks by means of the position of Guy Lambert, a pop singer who becomes involved with intrigue while playing the discotheque scene in London and Antwerp.

U.S. protects its beachhead on Leyte: The Japanese battleship Yamato comes below bombing attack during the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea. The super-battleship sallied out as part of Operation Sho-1, an elaborate Japa­nese scheme to destroy the American beachhead on Leyte, Philippines. Although a diversion efficiently drew away Admiral Bull Halsey’s carriers, lack of Japanese airpower doomed Sho. A handful of U.S. destroyers, destroyer escorts, and the few available aircraft from escort carriers narrowly managed to turn the Japanese naval drive away from the beachhead. “We had no air cover to repel the enemy, for whom it was pure offensive,” observed a Japanese officer.

­If the runaway did make it to a Northern state, there have been nonetheless perils. A lot of people, white and black, wished the reward money they may receive for turning him in, and the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 (which was made even harsher in 1850) meant that if his grasp could discover him, he could bring his “property” again South as a slave once more — if the master did not kill him, that is. So a runaway’s greatest hope was to get to Canada.

McCain typically loved his state’s perennial help. Based on Republican polling professional Margaret Kenski, who labored for McCain, he typically obtained a good score from about 60 percent of the voters in Arizona [source: Salon]. In the 2004 Senate election, he garnered 77 % of his state’s votes [supply: PBS].

Even when you aren’t required to get a boating license or take a security course earlier than renting a boat in South Carolina, права на лодку it’s all the time good to familiarize your self with the information covered to just be sure you reduce your threat of a collision or injuries to yourself, your passengers, and other boaters and swimmers.