DeSantis’ Push To Crack Down On Voter Fraud Faces An Early Loss – POLITICO

Miami Judge Milton Hirsch dismissed two voting-associated fees the state filed in opposition to 56-yr-old Robert Lee Wood, claiming that Workplace of Statewide Prosecutor does not have jurisdiction in the case. The Workplace of Statewide Prosecutor brought the charges on behalf of the newly-formed Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security, which was created at DeSantis’ urging during the 2022 legislative session to stop voter fraud.

Fraud hurts everybody. Fraud is a typical risk that should not be ignored. Failure to do so will finally lead to damaging morale, jeopardizing the repute of the university and raise questions about its fiduciary duties relating to funds offered by donors, authorities companies, students, and mother and father. Fraud costs everyone through direct influence or not directly via elevated taxes and costs of services.

Opposite to the proof, the basement might have suffered water harm at some point. Presumably, there was water injury someplace in the basement and the insured tried to cowl it up as a flex hose failure. One other chance is that it was a blatant try and make a false claim after they’d already eliminated the flooring and baseboards. Further investigation additionally showed that there was no real evidence of a water loss upstairs.

How does this happen?
Investigations in the sphere Scam Investigation Switzerland Program may be initiated by DHS, the citizens of Pennsylvania, or by way of BFPP’s personal processes. These referrals establish an applicant or recipient of public benefits who’re suspected of offering inaccurate, inconsistent, or incomplete information to DHS. Individuals receiving public advantages must disclose true and proper information regarding earnings, sources, residence, and family composition to DHS with the intention to accurately determine eligibility for public advantages. People who apply for or who’re receiving public advantages are knowledgeable by DHS that the OSIG can examine their circumstances to make sure correctness.

I was born and raised in a small town close to Zurich, Switzerland. I used to be a member of YMCA Switzerland (a type of Boy Scouts) and in my ultimate years with the organization, I used to be a team chief. I also played soccer and handball, and my family and I might ski in the winter.

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