DHS Points Warning About Using Internet Explorer

Over the weekend a brand new serious vulnerability in Internet Explorer was introduced by Microsoft, affecting all users of Internet Explorer 6 through 11. The threat is severe sufficient that the Division of Homeland Security has issued an official warning in opposition to utilizing Internet Explorer until the bug is patched up. The risk was explained in a bulletin from the DHS subgroup the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Crew (US-CERT).

2 years ago

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Twelve years earlier, Sen. McCain found himself embroiled in a marketing campaign finance scandal personally. Throughout McCain’s first year within the Senate, he and three Democratic senators intervened on behalf of financial savings and loan financial institution proprietor Charles Keating throughout an investigation by federal banking regulators. During Congressional hearings, it got here to mild that Keating had been a fundraiser for the four senators ($300,000 in total; $112,000 for McCain). The investigating committee exonerated McCain, discovering him guilty only of “poor judgment” [supply: Slate].