Find Out How To Get A Boating License In Massachusetts

Motorboats: Residents between 12 and 15 years of age must full an permitted boating course so as to acquire the certificate to be able to function a motorboat without needing adult supervision. Motorists who are older than 15 years of age may operate a motorboat without obtaining a certificate.
Private watercraft (PWC): Motorists who’re sixteen or 17 years of age must full accredited boating lessons so as to obtain the certificate to be able to operate personal watercraft without needing adult supervision. Nevertheless, in case you are older than 17 years of age, you might function personal watercraft without acquiring a certificate.

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– subcategory “C1” – vehicles (apart from automobiles of category “D”) with a mass of more than 3500 kilograms, but lower than 7500 kilograms;
– car of subcategory “C1” at the side of a trailer that weighs not more than 750 kilograms;
– this subcategory also contains medium trucks weighing between 3500-7500 kg
– the subcategory permits you to drive a bunch with a light trailer weighing as much as 750 kg.