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Grab two of the TikTok viral Dash Mini Waffle Makers for less than $20

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

Save 49%: Ring in the near start of spooky season with a two-pack of a Halloween themed Dash Mini Waffle Makers(opens in a new tab), on sale for only $15.40 at Amazon as of Sept. 19. Down $14.59 from its $30 MSRP, this deal basically gets you a whole waffle maker for free.

You know what’s better than mini waffles made from the TikTok viral Dash Mini Waffle Maker?

Spooky mini waffles made from a spooky Dash Mini Waffle Maker. As if the mere existence of a Halloween version of one of TikTok’s favorite kitchen appliances isn’t enough, you can grab the two-pack Halloween themed waffle maker for just $15.40 at Amazon(opens in a new tab).

That’s 49% off its $30 list price, and an especially excellent deal when you take into account that the standard Dash waffle maker(opens in a new tab) is $13 for one. Personally, I’d probably prefer to eat skull waffles year-round anyways, but when it means basically getting an additional waffle maker for free, then I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t opt for the Halloween version.

And it’s not just skull or pumpkin-shaped waffles you can make. This waffle maker rose to TikTok fame for its versatility — people have made everything from cheesy garlic bread to breakfast sandwiches and quesadillas in the four-inch appliance.

Sure, it’s definitely not the most luxe kitchen device out there, but it’s cute, it’s convenient, and as of Sept. 19, it’s at a pretty unbeatable sale price.

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