Is Negativity Fashionable In Fandom?

“I hate the prequels,” remarks Simon Pegg, when asked to rank the “Star Wars” movies. And he is not the only one. “Star Wars” fan Laura Peterson, who despite driving six hours just to watch Episode III, “Revenge of the Sith,” in a special theater with state-of-the-art “hydro-subwoofers,” prefers her “Star Wars” without “all of the CG and ‘enhanced’ scenes.”

DVDs have set a brand new definition of cult status for films and Tv shows. While “cult” usually implies word-of-mouth reward and a specialized curiosity in the subject material, gone are the days when classic shows, international animation or bioskop keren obscure films might only be obtained by way of lots of detective work and expenditure.

When it comes to the place you possibly can watch Amazon Prime Video, the listing of choices rivals Netflix. Streaming containers and good TVs, whether or not they’re a part of Amazon’s Hearth Television platform or not, are almost a given. Sport consoles? Verify. The only major hole in compatibility was Google’s Chromecast, and it closed that gap within the summer season of 2019.