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“Verizon FiOS subscribers take pleasure in a steadily growing lineup of programming, with the liberty and convenience of companies like Flex View and FiOS Tv Online, as well as suppliers like EPIX who are making their content material obtainable on a number of devices,” stated Terry Denson, vice president of content material technique and acquisition for Verizon. “We are pleased that the new EPIX apps will further increase the alternatives and accessibility for our FiOS Television prospects.”

The dolls, initially referred to as Little People, had been invented within the late 1970s by artwork student and Georgia native Xavier Roberts. Initially, they had been handmade and sold from BabyLand Basic, a flagship retailer in Cleveland, Ga., the place youngsters may witness the “birthing” process earlier than signing the adoption papers and receiving the doll’s birth certificate. After Roberts appeared on the tv show “Actual People” to advertise his creation in 1980, gross sales spiked, catching the eye of toy producer Coleco. The corporate started mass-producing the dolls in 1982 under the title Cabbage Patch Children, selling them for between $20 and $forty every (though the handmade dolls from BabyLand had sold for about $125).

Since then, he’s pulled Americans’ legs too many times to rely. He appeared on daytime Tv in the guise of “Dr. Herbert Strauss,” a physician who made it seem believable that folks may survive on a weight loss plan of nothing but human hair, and bioskop keren planted a slew of newspaper stories together with one about “euthanasia cruises,” wherein a cruise ship with a specially-greased deck would dump despondent passengers into the ocean. He even as soon as convinced the eminent New York Instances that he himself had died, compelling the embarrassed newspaper to print a correction to his prolonged obituary two days later [source: Keohane].