What Did Abraham Lincoln Invent?

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In 1848, then-Congressman Abraham Lincoln was inspired by a riverboat that ran aground on a sandbar. In an try to get back afloat, the captain ordered his crew to place supplies — anything that could float and help weight, like empty cargo containers — underneath the ship in an effort to raise it off its shallow spot. Accounts range as to whether or права на боротовой длиномер not or not Lincoln was truly aboard this boat or merely a witness to the incident, but historians agree that it was a catalyst to Lincoln’s imminent brainstorm. He spent a few year in between classes of Congress creating a solution to this widespread river navigation scenario.

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You see that video up there? That was taken at Arcade UFO in Austin, TX, throughout its 2011 fall Rating Battle tournament collection. The combat was between me and the arcade’s owner, Ryan Harvey, and befell on a custom built Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet, one of many few in existence on the time. I’m the man playing Kitana, and should you watch the whole thing, you will see that I am also the man who loses.